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Innovation-Implementation Company "Unisil" Company Ltd. was founded in May 1989 and since that time it has been the only Polish producer of organofunctional silanes and recently also silsesquioxanes. It rents production halls from the Grupa Azoty in Tarnów-Mościce, uses the technological infrastructure and resources of the Grupa Azoty, and runs production of silanes, siloxanes and silsesquioxanes on the basis of patent solutions and technologies designed by the research team of Prof. Bogdan Marciniec from the Faculty of Chemistry and Center for Advanced Technologies at the A. Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

The main aim of UNISIL Company is to keep the strong position of a Polish producer of organosilicon compounds and to enter the foreign markets with new and technologically advanced products. The main areas of the company activity are production and trade in organosilicon compounds and providing services to chemical industry or institutions.  Thanks to the close cooperation with the research groups from the Center for Advanced Technology AMU and Poznań Science and Technology Park, Unisil realizes a number of projects permitting extension of its offer by new and innovative products, which strengthens its market position.

The recently completed project on production of silsesquioxanes has been another milestone in development of this company which is one of the oldest Polish spin-offs. It has been another step in development of Polish potential for production of special organosilicon chemicals. The new technologies contribute to development of new syntheses of original chemicals but mainly to production of advanced products with the use of these chemicals. Unisil offers a rich library of patents and technologies of a wide variation of organosilicon compounds that can be immediately produced in response to market demand.

New technologies and new silicon compounds are designed at the Centre of Advanced Technology AMU and Poznań Science and Technology Park, taking care to be fully consistent with the European trends of sustainable development and environment protection standards, to generate no or minimum waste and to be characterized by low energy consumption. These high environmental standards imply the continuous investigation of reaction mechanisms, reaction systems and new catalysts as well as economization and increase in the yields of processes to approach as close as possible the desired 100%. The potential and strength of organosilicon compounds stem from the unusual possibility of combining organic and inorganic groups in each molecule, which permits their action in double roles. In this way silicon compounds become linkers and carriers of the opposite properties at the border of different phases and environments. These properties excellently fit in the expectations of new materials, polymers, their precursors and nanoparticles. The Unisil potential in production of organosilicon compounds is at the highest international level.

Unisil is one of the elements of the structure stimulating design and development of new technologies of organosilicon compounds in Poland. The other elements of this structure are the Poznań Science and Technology Park and Center for Advanced Technology AMU. The target groups of UNISIL include:
  • customers who need medium-size volume of products, that is the ones that are not trade partners of large firms selling products in a many ton scale, but also needing certain products in larger volumes than those offered by reagent producers.
  • customers who have also applied for technological service or equipment that would permit preparation of specific products to meet the needs of a certain individual consumer.
The Unisil Company takes great care to satisfy consumers, offering quick supply, elastic scale of ordered product volume and consultation on the best product for specific needs.

    The Company`s Management Board

    Chairman of the board
    Grażyna Oczkowicz

    Supervisory board
    Chairman: prof. dr hab. Bogdan Marciniec

    Members of the board
    prof. dr hab. Hieronim Maciejewski

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